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How does climate change impact on the presence of turfgrass pests?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Many Turfgrass Managers are wrestling with what is becoming an almost insurmountable mountain nowadays - how do we cope with an increase in pest activity that is ruining the appearance of our Turfgrass?


Not only are Leatherjackets, Chafer Grubs and Nematodes increasing in activity and damage to turfgrass roots, but those seeking to feed on them, such as Crows and Badgers are causing untold further damage to widen the destruction.


So how do we address this issue in a sustainable long term manner that is based on natural products? Chemical applications are being withdrawn all over the world, and in the UK an emergency permission to use a product is restricted to 2x applications a year. The cultural and labour intensive method has been used with varying levels of success.

The usually-manicured grass at Rickmansworth Cricket Club has been destroyed by local badgers.


With Turfsolve, there is no limit to the amount of applications, which means that the Turfgrass Manager can maintain control all year long. This is important as the rise in average temperatures is creating conditions in which these pests can thrive. Add to that problems with thatch levels and you have the even more ideal environment in which way they can thrive!

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