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TurfSolv: The Next Generation Turf Solution

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Insect pests and fungal diseases are an increasing problem on many turfgrass surfaces due to the withdrawal of pesticides. But, why do we think pesticides were the only answer?


TurfSolv® TS25 is a 21st Century solution to the control of pests and diseases in all managed turfgrass surfaces. TS25 is an expertly blended formulation of quickly biodegradable ingredients that are entirely safe for human health and to the wider natural environment. TS25 coats larvae and fungal pests in a fully water soluble blend of vegetable oils and powerful surfactants, which block aerobic respiration and they are starved of oxygen – an effective physical control. Why is it an effective pest control? TurfSolv is highly effective against Nematodes, White Grubs, Army Worms, Spider Mites and more. TurfSolv is also proven to stimulate nutrient uptake by improving nutrient availability and uptake, increasing health and strength of your turf. You can also control fungus and rot from taking hold of your turf and causing damage.


Turfsolve is not just for leather jackets, it can also help with chafer grub control.


TurfSolv is friendly to the Environment by:

  • The product is used at low volumes.

  • Consistent performance across soil types.

  • Compatible with dry and liquid fertilizers.

  • Completely soluble in water.

  • Contains no harmful acids or caustics.

  • Readily biodegradable.

  • No health, safety, or environmental risks.

How is TurfSolv friendly to your business?

  • Effective against most forms of fungi.

  • Improves nutrient availability and uptake.

  • Enhances nutrient use efficiency.

  • Promotes root growth and development.

  • Improves production performance.

  • Lower production costs.

Want to know more about TurfSolve? E-mail us today or find out more about our other turf improvements here:

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