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Why Choose Vitali-T?


Vitali-T has been developed using a range of natural compounds including seaweed extracts, plant extracts and L-isomer amino acids, reinforced with micronutrients include Zinc, Magnesium and Manganese. This combination of bioactive ingredients and metabolic catalysts ensures that the plant metabolism is optimised for healthy and vigorous growth for high quality crops.


Combining bioactive ingredients in the correct ratio results in a greater effect than treating with individual components. Using Vitali-T can save money compared to using the seperate treatments.


Benefits of Vitali-T include:


  • Restoration of damaged plant physiology
  • Aids stress and disease resistance
  • Improved recovery after stress
  • Helps plant strength and hardiness
  • Cost effective treatment




Dilute 5ml Vitalit-T per litre of water (0.5% solution) and spray evenly over 50 m2, or apply at 1-2 L/Ha in 200-400 lire of water. Apply three or four times, four weeks apart, from early spring

Vitali - T

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