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TurfSolv® TS-25 is a 21st Century solution to the control of pests and di seases in managed turfgrass surfaces. TS-25 provides effective pest  and disease control through physical action from readily biodegradable in gredients. TS-25 is an advanced, fully water-soluble formulation that is entirely safe for human health and to the wider soil and water environments. TS-25 is fully compatible with other liquid turf treatments  and can reduce costs by enhancing the uptake of mineral nutrients and ot her treatments.


Friendly to your Business


  • Effective Insect and pest management & prevention.
  • Improves nutrient availability and uptake. 
  • Enhances nutrient use efficiency.
  • Promotes root growth and development.
  • Improves production performance.


Friendly to the Environment 


  • Used at low volumes.
  • Consistent performance across soil types.
  • Compatible with dry and liquid fertilizers.
  • Completely soluble in water. 
  • Contains no harmful acids or caustics.
  • Readily biodegradable.


Application rate: Dilute 20 litres of TurfSolv® TS-1 concentrate in  1000 litres of fresh water per hectare. For effective larvae control repeat af ter 3-5 days. TS-25, quantity, dilution and application frequency may var y due to various soil conditions, pests, and desired level of  control. Consult your TurfSolv® representative for recommended dilutions and application procedures.

TurfSolv TS-25 | 1000 Litres (IBC)

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