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Ignite contains naturally sourced carbohydrates and trace elements that energise the turfgrass plant metabolism and stimulates microbial activity around the root and leaves.


Benefits of Ignite:
• Faster and improved playing surface without ultra low mowing heights
• Promotes the availability and ready uptake of mineral nutrients
• Reduced applications of fertilisers
• Increased ability to resist, and recover from, environmental stress, e.g. freezing
temperatures and extended heat
• Reduced disease susceptibility
• Aids nematode suppression
• Helps to reduce thatch build up by improving the efficiency and recycling of nitrogen and carbon by soil microbes


Application Guidelines:  20-30 L/Ha in 300-400 litres of water.
Apply every 2-3 weeks during March and April and before the first fertiliser application and during September and October after autumn renovations.
Apply every four weeks during summer and winter months.

Packaging: 10 litre polycans.
Storage: Store unused product undercover in a dry, cool environment.


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