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Organic Plant Extract Surfactant
Blend of plant extracts and citrus acid for an environmentally safe soil treatment.

Effective penetrant surfactant made from fruit extracts. This excellent wetter is environmental safe and actively encourages soil microbe activity.  Available in 1 and 3 litre containers.


Price includes VAT and delivery.


Benefits of Distinction Turf include:
• Improves water and fertiliser penetration
• Improves performance of pesticides
• Softens hard and compacted soils, including heavy trafficked areas
• Improves stress recovery due to physical conditions, disease or pest attack
• Programmed use will provide long-term improvement in water holding and nutrient uptake capacity of treated areas
• Enhances foliar nutrients and can be tank mixed with pesticides
• Will not scorch or discolour fine grass species

Application Guidelines
Distinction Turf is applied at 3 litres per hectare in a minimum of 300L of water. Apply as necessary to alleviate dry surface conditions, or three or four times, four weeks apart, from early late summer.


Distinction Turf

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